Holidays for families in San Remo – Family Hotel

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Holidays for families in San Remo - Family Hotel

In San Remo there's an ideal place for a holiday with children, designed around kids; a family hotel that cares about them just as much as it cares about adults. The perfect holidays for families in San Remo. Leave the gray gloom of the city behind as you bask in the welcoming colors of a holiday at the Nyala Family Hotel.

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Holidays with babies in San Remo

Planning a trip with children from 0 to 2 years always involves planning everything you have to take with you, but we arrange things so that you can travel with the minimum of equipment. With this Pack you won't have to worry about anything because we offer you a hotel that is a member of Italy Family Hotels.

Weekend Holidays for families in San Remo

If you'd like to spend an eventful summer holidays in San Remo, let the Riviera engage you through the choice of our hotel where you will be able to alternate relaxing days by the swimming pool, enjoying a drink or having lunch at our Dalak grill, while your kids play in all safety in the nearby playground,

Escape Room in San Remo

We offer this fun pack that is ideal for families with children, couples or groups that are seeking to do something different and have fun. Do you dare to attempt an escape room in San Remo? This is a fun and perfect activity to share with family or friends.

Genoa Aquarium Weekend Pack

Get ready to experience an excellent holiday with kids in San Remo and visit the Genoa Aquarium from San Remo. Our hotel is a modern 4 star resort located in a scenic and quiet area of San Remo. We take pride in providing the services and assistance needed to families and their children on vacation.

Whale Watching in San Remo

Spend an extraordinary day searching for the great cetaceans that populate the Mediterranean and pass by along our Riviera, known to the Romans as Costa Balenae. This enlightening trip sperm whales and dolphins, and has the Cetacean Sanctuary as its destination. 

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