Holidays in San Remo

Holidays in San Remo - Long weekend in San Remo

Book your holidays in San Remo

Book your holidays in San Remo by choosing among the many special offers of our modern resort during summer and its grand festivities.

Throughout the holiday months, San Remo is a destination which shows its best, offering a wide selection from events to shopping and from culture to leisure.

Christmas in San Remo

Come to our hotel for Christmas in San Remo - your visit at this time of the years will be filled with magical memories. Enjoy the mild temperatures offered by the San Remo microclimate and stroll through the streets of the city that are specially decorated to celebrate these important dates

New Year’s Eve in San Remo

With the arrival of the cold, it won't be long before you can celebrate New Year's Eve in San Remo, one of the most eagerly awaited events of the year. If you want this special night so be different, we have everything designed to make it an incredible event.

Easter in San Remo

Easter marks a major moment on the religious calendar, and is considered one of the most important Italian traditions. Easter in San Remo is special thanks to the microclimate of the city, which gives us the first days of high temperatures, allowing us to enjoy a walk on the beach and start tanning in the sun.

August in San Remo

If you want to spend an August holiday that combines relaxation and fun, by choosing our hotel you'll be able to spend lazy days at the swimming pool, enjoying a drink and lunch at the Dalak grill, while your children play in complete safety at the adjacent playground.

Epiphany in San Remo

During the night of the 5th to the 6th of January, all Italian children are waiting for the Befana, an old witch that visits all the children in Italy on the eve of the Epiphany and fills their stockings full of candy. This is an important date in the Italian calendar,  so don't miss it!

Summer Holidays in San Remo

Summer Holidays in San Remo If you’d like to spend an eventful summer holidays in San Remo, let the Riviera engage you through the choice of our hotel where you will be able to alternate relaxing days by the swimming pool, enjoying a drink or having lunch at our Dalak grill, while your kids can […]

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